Prepping for Exams: How to Manage Stress

Prepping for Exams: How to Manage Stress

Most students experience high levels of stress during examination periods. This is a natural response to the testing process, especially for college students who have thousands of dollars of investments riding on whether they pass or fail. If you have a scholarship or grant to consider, then you may also be worried about keeping your [...]

How to Embrace Minimalism without Living in the Woods

How to Embrace Minimalism without Living in the Woods

A lot of college students can benefit from a more minimalist lifestyle. It decreases the clutter and makes organization much easier, while also helping students to save.

Here are ten ways you can get started without dropping out of school and living in the woods…

Alexis Chateau

When most people think of minimalism, the stories that often come to mind are of people like myself. People who gave up their corporate jobs and 90 percent of their possessions for a more vagrant lifestyle of being glamorously homeless.

Other common examples are men who move to the woods and cut all ties with civilisation, the backpacking hippie with no place to call home, and the early-20-something who lives in a tiny 200 square foot house.

While these are all accurate representations of minimalism, they are also extreme versions. There are far more manageable ways that all of us can obtain a simpler lifestyle.

After all, minimalism is not about doing without. It’s about reinvesting our resources in the things that matter most to us. So here’s how you can do it, too.


The larger your home, the more likely you are to buy more furniture, and more…

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20 Things I Learned My Freshman Year

20 Things I Learned My Freshman Year

Here are 20 useful tips for freshmen, as told by a college student who already survived her first year of college.

hello tumbaga

1. Take advantage of the free food around campus. There have been many of times where I would go to an event on campus and they would offer free food. This would be great, especially when I start to run out of money on my meal plan.

2. If you haven’t been away from home for months at a time, you will get home sick. Or maybe you’re tough and won’t. But if you do, more than likely, you’re not the only one and that’s okay. Eventually, you’ll adjust. It just takes time.

3. Amazon Prime for Students – it’s a thing, and it’s free for the first 6-months (don’t forget to cancel if you don’t want to continue after the 6-months). You will get FREE two-day shipping (perfect for purchasing and renting books or random things for your room), access to thousands of TV shows and movies, and unlimited…

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The Ultimate Guide to Packing for College

The Ultimate Guide to Packing for College

A detailed guide to packing for your first year off at college!

madison milhous

Ah, packing for your first year of college. I remember it like it was exactly one year ago. You’re off to live on your own for the first time, so obviously you need to be prepared for EVERYTHING, right? Maybe, but it is definitely easy to overpack.

So, using my extensive knowledge of packing for college, I’ve come up with the only list you will need to follow for packing for the start of the rest of your life. (Excluding some of the more obvious things like your phone, laptop, money, backpack… but I just said them there so nvm.)

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‘Drunkorexia’ is a worrying trend that’s growing among young women

‘Drunkorexia’ is a worrying trend that’s growing among young women

The new and dangerous drinking-trend college students are toying with.

landscape-1467973390-gettyimages-90420237‘Drunkorexia’ is a worrying trend that’s growing among young women

Apparently it’s most common in university students.

We’re all familiar with the term anorexia, which can take a grip on people and make them seriously ill. But there’s a new dangerous ‘trend’ growing predominantly among university students – ‘drunkorexia’ – which combines extreme diet-related behaviour with a high intake of alcohol, and it’s hugely worrying.

While drinking heavily during university is a fairly common occurrence, the non-medical term ‘drunkorexia’ relates to a combination of this along with common behaviours associated with eating disorders including restricted food consumption, bingeing and purging, and excessive levels of exercise.

Speaking to Science Daily, psychology research assistant professor at the University of Houston, Dipali V. Rinker, explained the behaviour in more depth. “College students appear to engage in these behaviors to increase alcohol effects or reduce alcohol-related calories by engaging in bulimic-type or diet/exercising/calorie/restricted eating…

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