6 Yoga Poses to Relieve Hangovers

For most of us, a night out on the town spent drinking and dancing the night away usually means waking up with an epic hangover. Your head hurts. You’re nauseous. You feel so exhausted, you would happily take a pain killer and spend the rest of the day in bed.

However, pain killers often contain acetaminophen, which only puts more pressure on your already suffering liver. For a more natural solution, try these detoxing yoga poses to bounce back from the booze. Don’t be intimidated by fancy yogi poses you have seen on Instagram before. The main focus in yoga is not on flexibility. Instead, it focuses on your breathing. 

Before you begin your practice, make sure you drink plenty of water and have enough room to move around and stretch. Hold these poses for at least five breaths, but feel free to hold them for a few minutes if it feels right for you.

Benefits: Aids digestion, relieves bloating
Photo Credit Anne Wu
Photo Credit Anne Wu

The first pose is child’s pose. Relax with your eyes closed while your abdomen is compressed and stimulated. This yoga posture is relaxing and restorative. It’s also an easy pose to do for the beginning yogi.

BENEFITS: Aids digestion, relieves constipation
Photo Credit Elsie Escobar
Photo Credit Elsie Escobar

This pose works the hips and strengthens the lower back and core. Squatting is also known to ease constipation by stimulating the digestive organs.

#3 – Spinal Twist
BENEFITS: Aids digestions, detoxifies
Photo Credit Kennguru
Photo Credit Kennguru

There are many different versions of a spinal twist but a simple sitting or reclining twist is the most relaxing.  A spinal twist massages the digestive organs. It aids in pumping the blood throughout the body and also helps in flushing out toxins, making it one of the best detoxifying poses in yoga.

Note: Avoid doing twisting poses on a full stomach.

#4 – Forward Fold
BENEFITS: Relieves backaches, headaches, reduces fatigue
Photo Credit windyschneider
Photo Credit windyschneider

You can do a forward fold, either sitting or standing. Resist the urge to curse your flexibility in this pose. Do not aim to touch your toes. Simply relax, bend your knees if you would like, and fold forward. This pose will relieve back tension and headaches and can reduce fatigue.

BENEFITS: Relieves headaches, promotes digestion
Photo Credit Iveto
Photo Credit Iveto

This popular yoga pose also relieves tension in the back. In addition to this, it helps stop headaches, and encourages digestion. Allow your head to hang and start to feel some movement, pumping your legs to get the blood flowing. Move from downward-facing dog to child’s pose if this pose becomes overwhelming for you.

BENEFITS: Relieves headaches, reduces fatigue, relieves anxiety
Photo Credit Rachel + Micah
Photo Credit Rachel + Micah

This pose is simple but effective. Place your legs up against the wall – or a balcony rail, as the case may be – and just relax. The posture reduces the effects of gravity on the feet and legs, draining tension in that area.

By placing your legs up against the wall, your body will experience the benefits that commonly come from doing inversions like headstands and handstands but with a lot less effort. And if there’s anything the liquor might have talked you into last night that you regret this morning, use this pose to help ease your anxieties.

What’s your favorite way to naturally relieve hangovers? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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