Cat Owners Question Authenticity of Study Showing that Cats Love their Hoomanz!

My name is Shadow, and I’m the best thing that ever happened to College Mate and Alexis Chateau PR. Truly! Just ask the owners. They wouldn’t dare disagree with me. I have two secret stashes of their most beloved items in the office, and I know they want them back.

What a price!

Naturally, you must think what a pompous and self-important piece of work this one is. But nope. I’m just a cat! And if that’s not enough, I’m a Leo — RAWR! If you don’t know what that means, neither do I, so don’t ask. But it’s a lion and I’m a feline, so good enough.

Brainwashing Hoomanz

As the resident cat at a PR firm, my main role is to put on a cute face and brainwash businesses into working with us.

This works a lot more often than you would think! While dogs are most often painted as the benevolent ones, cats are still melting hearts around the world. Especially this one.


Even so, many cat owners continue to face discrimination from dog owners, who put forward that cats do not really love their Hoomanz.

To me, this seems a little ridiculous considering how independent and stubborn we are, while dogs can’t even pee without good old Tommy coming home to let them out.

We are here because we want to be — and we like the ear scratches, and the kibbles, and the treats. Not because we need you.

Cats are the best hunters on the face of the planet. Do humans really think they can feed us better than we feed ourselves?

The Lolz

Cat owners know this, but nonetheless love to mock the stereotypes of us beloved felines. And why not? It’s all good fun.

Check out some of the most hilarious responses to the article: Cats are nice and enjoy spending time with humans, study finds.




The Truth

The truth is that cats are individuals, just like humans. Some of us just want you to rub our tummies, and some of us want to steal your soul while you sleep.

It also depends on a cat’s relationship with different people. After all, not every human is worthy of our affection and respect.

As for me, I love my Hoomanz! Alex rescued me as a semi-feral from the winter cold, and gave my life purpose.

When she is sick, I cuddle up next to her in bed, every night. Never mind that as soon as she gets better, I’m off on my own again.

But when she calls, I come running, every time! Okay… almost every time. If there are other Hoomanz around, I might not.

Would you like a kitty that’s almost as cute as me?

With the cold weather rolling in, there are many kitties in shelters and on the streets, desperate for new homes! Please consider being their worthy Hooman, if you have the space in your home and your heart for one.

Don’t listen to the pupaganda! We do love our Hoomanz. #AdoptDontShop

About the Author

Shadow the PR Cat is Goodwill Ambassador at Alexis Chateau PR. His job includes tweeting, purring, taking selfies, sniffing catnip, and advocating for animal rights. Follow his kitty adventures on Twitter and Instagram. PS: He’s single!

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