Get Re-Blogged By Us


We recently began highlighting some of the amazing posts you guys write on college life by re-blogging them to our audience. Nine times out of ten, these posts do much better on our website than they did in their original location. So how do we choose what to re-blog?

Pitch Us

  1. To pitch a re-blog to us, send an email to with the header PITCH Re-Blog: [Insert Title].
  2. Include a little about yourself, a link to the article, why you think it works well with College Mate’s content, and your PayPal information.

Cost & Promotions

We charge $5 to re-blog a post of any length, or $10 if the author also wants the post promoted on our Facebook page.

Due to bad experiences with shady characters, we do not re-blog until payment is received. However, please do not send payment until we have confirmed acceptance of the article.

There are two reasons we charge for re-blogs. Firstly, we are voluntarily sending traffic away from our website. Secondly, linking to other websites more than they link back to us negatively affects our SEO ranking.

FREE Re-blogs

On occasion, we may come across posts we love and re-blog them on our own. Of course, you don’t owe us money for that. Some posts are just too good to pass up. They usually meet the following criteria, which is what we look for before accepting articles to re-blog even when you’re paying for it.


  1. TONE: A conversational tone between colleagues – not to be confused with the conversational tone one would use with friends.
    1. Headers to organize information into blocks of knowledge, or a series of events.
    2. Smaller paragraphs to break text into more easily digestible chunks.
  3. WRITING STYLE: Articles are either a prose/story, or advice – never both.
    1. Here is an example of prose or college stories: Homeless in College
    2. Here is an example of an article written for the purpose of giving advice: 5 Reasons you Shouldn’t Drop out of College
  4. TYPOS: We all make them, but once we spot them, we don’t re-blog them until they’re fixed.


If you have any other questions, drop them in the comments below, or send us an email. We usually respond in less than 48 hours.