‘Drunkorexia’ is a worrying trend that’s growing among young women

The new and dangerous drinking-trend college students are toying with.

landscape-1467973390-gettyimages-90420237‘Drunkorexia’ is a worrying trend that’s growing among young women

Apparently it’s most common in university students.

We’re all familiar with the term anorexia, which can take a grip on people and make them seriously ill. But there’s a new dangerous ‘trend’ growing predominantly among university students – ‘drunkorexia’ – which combines extreme diet-related behaviour with a high intake of alcohol, and it’s hugely worrying.

While drinking heavily during university is a fairly common occurrence, the non-medical term ‘drunkorexia’ relates to a combination of this along with common behaviours associated with eating disorders including restricted food consumption, bingeing and purging, and excessive levels of exercise.

Speaking to Science Daily, psychology research assistant professor at the University of Houston, Dipali V. Rinker, explained the behaviour in more depth. “College students appear to engage in these behaviors to increase alcohol effects or reduce alcohol-related calories by engaging in bulimic-type or diet/exercising/calorie/restricted eating…

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