Big Bang Theory Star Causes Controversy over the Independence Day Weekend

Big Bang Theory actress, Kaley Cuoco, upset fans and onlookers on Independence Day, when she posted a picture of her dogs sitting on an American flag.

Blaming Cuoco

In the caption, Cuoco thanked a pet-sitter for watching “the squad” while she was out of town. But this hasn’t stopped fans from holding her responsible for the incident, anyway.

Fans believed the photo was disrespectful as the U.S. Flag Code clearly prohibits the flag from being placed on the ground – and worse of all, being sat on by dogs.

Business as Usual

Cuoco has since removed the picture from her Instagram account, leaving behind only photos of her Independence Day celebration with boyfriend, Karl Cook.

The Apology

However, yesterday Cuoco acknowledged her mistake and apologised for the picture. Ironically, this time around more fans came to her defence than last, claiming there was really no need for her to apologise at all.

One follower advised, “This is so ridiculous that you even have to apologize. Honestly. I would block ever single person that caused the drama or said anything negative.”

Another referred to the fans offended by the original picture as “…idiots. Extreme nationalistic braindead state worshipping idiots.”

Hopefully this apology absolves the actress of her mistake. But what’s even more amusing is the fact that very few people placed any blame on the pet-sitter or the company they worked for, who put the flag on the ground in the first place. Ironic, eh?


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