10 Reddit Users Share their Shocking Confessions

After getting far too many links to amazing threads on Reddit from friends, we finally joined to do some exploring on our own. Our first night on the website, we were not disappointed. Reddit users, for better or worse, are some of the wittiest writers on the web.

Whether their comments are true or not, they certainly make for interesting stories, and a fabulous read that may drive you to laughter, tears, or moments of utter confusion.

Check out these sad and shocking confessions.

1. A Lifetime of Being Picked Last for Gym Class

I’ve never known what it feels like to be someones [sic] first choice. Growing up, I had friends. But their first choice was always another friend of theirs. My mom’s favorite child is my sister, my dad is withdrawn from the world so much, he doesn’t have a first choice. All my cousins would choose my other cousins over me. Now, at 21, I have 2 true friends and they both are engaged, their fiances are their first choices. Even with the friends i’ve [sic] made on the internet, they have other internet friends they would rather talk to first.

To know not one person in the entire earth would choose you over someone else for anything, blows. It’s like a lifetime of being picked last for gym class.

2. I Just Want to Leave Everything Behind

I run, I work out, I quit smoking pot, I have friends and several social groups I spend time with, I’m actively bettering my self through education and working towards a brighter future.

But most days I just want to leave everything behind, go live by myself in the woods in a little cottage I built myself, read books, tend a garden, watch movies, and smoke pot. I could do it. Survival is a hobby of mine and I know a fair amount of wood craft (not so much about stealing electricity but I would have time to learn). I think about just passing by work and driving as far north as I can and never coming back. I keep survival gear I would need in my trunk. the first year would be rough, mostly foraging and fishing while i grow and build. But in comparison to the bureaucratic bull**** that is the rest of my life, that’s a breeze.

But the thought of staying here and building a life fills me with dread. Years of work and monotony for what, a house I can barely afford, a car that’s a major drain on my finances, romantic relationships growing and failing, the inevitable political fiasco every four years as every liar and millionaire dip**** on both sides of the political spectrum step up to tell me what’s what.

Why does the world make it so hard to just live?

3. He Likes to Pretend it Never Happened, but I’ll Never Forget

I’m watching my wife’s home movies from when she was a teenager, and it is making me remember how I was living without running water during that time

That f***ing water pipe was broken for 3 years. My dad was just too drunk to get it fixed. 3 years without being able to take a bath or shower. We couldn’t flush the damn toilet. I went through hell in school because I smelled like s***. It was 14 years ago, and I still get enraged about it.

He likes to pretend it never happened, but I’ll never forget

4. I Used to Go to School Hungry Every Day

I used to go to school hungry every day, because my mom was too busy partying downtown to buy groceries or leave money for me to buy groceries…..but if I bring it up then I’m the most ungrateful little s*** to walk this planet.

“I was working” ” I was studying” “I wasn’t partying”…bull**** I smelled the booze and the weed before you opened the door…it wasn’t that she couldn’t afford groceries either…just straight up neglect.

5. He Settled on Me

I worry that my fiance only asked me to marry him because hes [sic] 33, has never been married or had kids, and is worried that hes [sic] getting too old for those things, so he settled on me. I secretly think that hes [sic] resigned himself to being with me when he really wants his ex back in his life.

6. I Sent a Dick Pic to a Family Group Message

I sent a dick pic to a family group message. I’m still mortified by it.

7. I Thought that Real Life would Begin in University

I constantly feel like this what I’m experiencing now isn’t the “real life” but just some kind of warm up to it. I thought that real life would begin in university back when I was in school since I’d be living on my own in a foreign country

Then when I got to university I thought it would begin when I got my first graduate job as then I’d have money to do stuff. Then when I got my first graduate job I thought my real life would begin when I get a better higher paying job but still I’m not feeling like I’m really living life but it will begin at some point in the future, as of yet to be determined.

8. Can’t Stop Eating

I keep eating and eating and eating, and I keep getting fatter and fatter and fatter, and I simply can not stop myself. It’s driving me insane, and I literally can not stop myself from eating. I’m diabetic, and I’m terrified that I’m both going to kill myself from my binge eating, and also that I literally can not stop myself. That’s the worst part. Everyone says “just eat less”, but there’s this craving inside me every day that will not shut up no matter what, and it’s eating me alive.

9. Prank Gone Horribly Wrong

I tried to prank my brother and set a trip wore by the stairs (I was 9 he was 16) he fell broke his wrist and fractured his foot. I took it down before he realized he tripped and never got in trouble for it. My parent thought he was being clumsy. I kinda feel like a d*** about it.

10. Sending Child Support to his Rapist?

5 years ago, 3 weeks after returning from Afghanistan and while still coming to grips with the combat trauma I experienced there, I was raped. I think I was drugged, but I don’t know. I am a man in my 30s.

She is a friend of my best friend. She left me in my hotel room and told everyone who knew she was there to keep it a secret. I didn’t find out what happened for 3 days and I just tried to brush it off and move on. 5 months later I got a phone call from my best friend informing me the woman was pregnant.

The state in which this occurred does not recognize the rape of men as a crime.

I now send a significant chunk of my monthly income to my rapist.

Therapy with the VA is not working. I don’t know how to live with PTSD from combat and from what happened.

I am completely miserable. I want to kill myself, and probably will eventually.

What do you need to get off your chest? We’re listening.

The above quotes were all taken from the Reddit Thread: What Do You Need to Get Off Your Chest


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  1. doctorinspe says:

    The last one really got to me. I’m lost for words

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    1. That was the worst one I saw as well. Poor guy..

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