A Letter to my College Self

A Letter to my College Self

Nighttime Worker. Fulltime Momma.

FB_IMG_1495349206325-01Dear College Self,

Hello to the thin girl with messy hair who fights her way through college life while being a mother at the same time. The journey will not be smooth. You will stumble and fall and make bad decisions, but you have to get up and redeem yourself. Here are a few things your future self (now with straight hair) would want to tell you.


When you got pregnant, I thought you were going to stop schooling since your parents were furious and decided to not finance your studies anymore. Thanks to your ex-boyfriend ( now husband) for putting the responsibility of sending you to school on his shoulders. He worked two jobs sometimes just to sustain your and your daughter’s needs.

Your in-laws, especially your mother-in-law, your parents, and friends all played a role in your life for you to finish college and land…

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Americans are rejecting the ‘homeschool myth’ — and experts say the misunderstood education might be better than public or charter schools

Americans are rejecting the ‘homeschool myth’ — and experts say the misunderstood education might be better than public or charter schools

Happy. Homeschooling. Housewife.

When I saw the title of this article I knew I needed to read it — and I am glad I did! Most of my friends are educators working as leaders in public and charter schools. A few of them have even started their own schools. All are seriously committed  to the awesome task of educating our children.  But I have noticed something over the years, and that is that there is lack of curiosity regarding what home schoolers are doing and how they are doing it.  I am hardly asked by my educator friends (or even parents of children who are traditionally schooled) how our experience is as a home schooling family – the good and the bad. And this ‘lack of curiosity’ could be for a number of reasons–maybe they are simply uncomfortable to bring the topic up. Whatever the reason, I am a firm believer that you…

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How to Embrace Minimalism without Living in the Woods

How to Embrace Minimalism without Living in the Woods

A lot of college students can benefit from a more minimalist lifestyle. It decreases the clutter and makes organization much easier, while also helping students to save.

Here are ten ways you can get started without dropping out of school and living in the woods…

Alexis Chateau

When most people think of minimalism, the stories that often come to mind are of people like myself. People who gave up their corporate jobs and 90 percent of their possessions for a more vagrant lifestyle of being glamorously homeless.

Other common examples are men who move to the woods and cut all ties with civilisation, the backpacking hippie with no place to call home, and the early-20-something who lives in a tiny 200 square foot house.

While these are all accurate representations of minimalism, they are also extreme versions. There are far more manageable ways that all of us can obtain a simpler lifestyle.

After all, minimalism is not about doing without. It’s about reinvesting our resources in the things that matter most to us. So here’s how you can do it, too.


The larger your home, the more likely you are to buy more furniture, and more…

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