Congratulations to Ta’lor: June Winner of the College Mate Contest

In June, Ta’lor surprised us by deviating from her usual dating and relationships niche to submit her toughest work yet: 5 Tips to Help You Avoid the Freshman FifteenIt was tough going, but after a week or so of revisions, we produced a piece the writer and editors could all be proud of.

This was the only article we received that was specifically submitted for our monthly College Mate contest that month, making Ta’lor our default winner.

Congrats to Ta’lor for not just winning the contest yet again, but being our most consistent contributor!

There will be no July winner for the College Mate contest, as we didn’t receive any submissions in time.

That was an easy win out the window! So if you’d like to try your luck and writing skills with the College Mate contest for August, check out our submission guidelines here


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8 thoughts on “Congratulations to Ta’lor: June Winner of the College Mate Contest

  1. Thank you COLLEGE MATE for all you do to uplift us new bloggers in our journey toward success. I am so thankful to you all for your advice and assistance. I will be writing again soon! I am constantly referring you all to others and prospective college students because I love all that you guys do, so thank you 1,000,000X

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  2. Reblogged this on LADYHOOD journey and commented:
    If you just graduated from high school and are about to be a college freshman or even if you are an upperclassmen, you need to read the original article published by COLLEGE MATE.

    I am so proud to have won another writing contest and am so thankful to COLLEGE MATE for taking a chance on me.

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