6 Ways to Make Money in College

Most of us know all too well, the financial struggles of college life. This is a time when students are forced to scrape by on very little. Some of us even work full-time jobs while attending college, just to make ends meet.

But aside from getting a traditional 9 to 5, what else can you do to earn some extra cash? Here are six tips to get you started!

1. Freelancing

Many skills like writing, graphic designing, and social media management can be done on a freelance basis to make extra cash. Even better, the hours are great because you set them! Most people’s freelance jobs are their hobbies, so it doesn’t really feel like work.

If you have excellent command of the English language, why not offer to proofread or edit your classmates’ work? There is always someone somewhere on campus willing to pay to make sure their paper is error free; especially after spending hours losing sleep writing it, and re-reading it so many times our eyes start to double-cross.

If there are non- native English speakers on your campus, then this is the first market you should tap as an editor.

2. Resale Or  Rental of Used Textbooks

Not many of our textbooks are used for more than a school year (or even a semester!). So once you’ve passed a course, you usually have no further need for those books. What you do need is money to buy new ones! Selling your old books is a great way to solve that problem.

You can also save by buying your own books secondhand, and borrowing books the library has in stock. Some schools also allow you to rent a text for the semester or just a few weeks.

If your school doesn’t provide this service, grab the book from the library early on in the semester and keep returning it and re-renting, until you no longer need it.

3. Take Great Notes in Class and Sell Them

Great at transcribing or taking notes? This is another easy way to make a little extra income. Many of our college mates will pay for notes, especially if they are well written and detailed.

Not everyone is good at multitasking; and some people prefer to listen while the professor speaks. But if you can successfully do both, why not capitalize on it? After all, you will have the notes for your use anyway.

4. Tutoring

If you’re good (or better than most) in a particular subject area, tutoring can help you get even better while earning you some cash. Calculus or Chemistry guru? Help students out, and charge them for it.

Students usually need the greatest assistance with courses like law, statistics, calculus, chemistry, physics, psychology, sociology, and accounting. The best thing is, you probably won’t need to look further than your classroom for customers.

5. Paid internships

Internships aren’t just a great way to make money; they are great for much needed work experience. Students can secure internships during the summer, but some internships are also offered on an ongoing basis throughout the school year. 

It’s a productive way to spend a few hours a week. Two birds; one stone.

6. Coupon

Couponing, though not directly making you money, can help you re-route funds. When done right, you can stock up on months of grocery for free! Many essential items have coupons in store, and in inserts.

Couponing can also keep your cupboards well stocked with some much-needed ‘college essentials’; such as, cereal, Ramen, and TV dinners. Other essentials like laundry detergent, toilet paper, body washes, and toothpaste are also regularly couponed items that students can buy in bulk.

Lots of fast food places will also have coupons from time to time. Not that we’re promoting junk food, but hey, we are all guilty!

Anything you can do during your studies to save money or make some extra is helpful. Have any you’d like to share? Let’s hear them in the comments below!


About the Author

Shandean Williams-Reid is a freelance Business Analyst from Kingston, Jamaica. She is passionate about reading, family life and her adventures as a new mom. She’s recently started blogging. Catch her on Instagram and Twitter.

This post is the third March submission for the Monthly College Mate Writing Contest.

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