The Roommate I Never Thought I’d ever Have.

One college student shares her story of the roommate she never expected to have.

Cassy Williams

04 May 2016

I came a week early to the dorm life, dreading to meet what would follow and fill the other half of my room in a few days.


The other half of my room that would keep me up when I wanted to go to bed at night.

That would ask to borrow my clothes and wear them instead.

That would wake me up in the mornings.

The other half that would try to be me and do all the same things.

I was for certain that whatever was to fill the other half of my room, was bound to be my biggest pain.

And I was right,

She kept me up, almost every night. But only to make me laugh the entire time and remind me what good there was in life. We stayed awake to share our stories, encourage each other, and laugh at how pathetic…

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