DIY Geometric Wall Shelves

Check out this easy DIY home-improvement tip to cover up those bare walls in your dorm, or your new apartment.

Teenage Grandma

This is an EXTREMELY easy DIY! Geometric patterns are trendy right now, and these simple shelves will definitely attract the attention of your guests.


Materials Needed:

-Popsicle sticks!!


-Hot glue gun

-Fun knick knacks



First you want to plan out what shapes you want and what pattern you want them in. I did this by roughly laying out a first layer of popsicle sticks for each shape. As you can see, later decided to remove two of the shapes – which just shows how flexible and customizable this DIY is!


Before glueing or painting any of the sticks, I wanted to see how thick I wanted to frames to be. The result I liked the most was a stack of 8 sticks per side. I used 23 sticks for each triangle, 32 for the polygon, and 48 for each hexagon.

After I knew how many sticks I needed…

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