Congratulations to Ta’lor: March Winner of the College Mate Contest

Launching the College Mate Contest was the best thing we ever did for our student branch of the Alexis Chateau PR firm.

Over the last few months, it provided a platform to help writers hone their writing and editing skills, while providing them with valuable experience for working with external publications.

But beyond the goodwill of the contest, there is also the fun, and the drama, and the competition itself. We have to admit, watching the writers go neck to neck, and get their social media engines revved up, is quite the experience.

The New CMC Champion

For the first two months, Shandean was reigning champion. But when Ta’lor submitted Decoding the Bro Code: One Night Stand or Long-Term Girlfriend as Pinkspen, it was an instant hit with our readers.

The girls wanted advice on navigating the perilous terrain of college dating. And the guys were curious to find out just how much this Pinkspen knew and would divulge about their best kept secrets.

Her blog post became not just the most-read post for March and April, but for the entire year so far, on College Mate. It has also generated more commentary than any other post on our blog to-date.

A Chat with Pinkspen

After announcing the win via email, we had a quick chat with Pinkspen about the contest, and how it has benefited her so far.

Submitting to the Contest

The original target audience for my blog was college freshman females.

I wanted to find more posts related to college dating, relationships, and resources for students, so I did a search in the WordPress Reader, for “college”, and I stumbled upon a post from College Mate, Homeless in College

Although it wasn’t on the topic of relationships, it made me think about all the struggles that I faced in college. I read so many College Mate articles, and fell in love with their purpose in helping college students survive school. 

I then sent my work to Alexis Chateau PR, in hopes of getting re-blogged or featured on the site. Alex mentioned that I could submit a pitch for an article. My pitch was accepted, and then I provided an outline.

I didn’t even realize it was a contest. I just wanted to share my message with freshman females, and grown women, alike.

Inspiration for Decoding the Bro Code

I’ve been working on a self-help book on dating in college, for freshman females, for about 3 years now, called “The College Girl Rulebook.” I also wrote various pieces on my blog related to this topic.

Two of my pieces, Have Control Over who You Let in Your Bed and Netflix and Chill inspired my topic choice. It’s important to me to share my experiences and to provide information on how dating and relationships can be difficult to navigate in college.

The Thrill of Being Published

Having my piece published was an amazing feeling. It boosted my confidence in my work, made me feel like what I write about is important, and it motivated me to set a goal of finishing my self-help book by Dec. 2017. 

The Benefits

Before I wrote this article, I had about 400+ followers, now I have over 500. I’m not sure if it was because of this article, but I would like to think is. 

The connections I have made with college students, mothers with graduating high school seniors, and single women, have been amazing.

I am so thankful for Alexis Chateau for believing in my work, and for the opportunity to reach more bloggers and readers. 

Spending the Prize Money

I’m planning to boost my Facebook page LADYHOOD journey to reach more readers who are  interested in the topics I write about; including, anti-bullying, health & wellness, motherhood, college dating, relationships, beauty standards, equality, feminism and women’s rights, and self-love.

A Special Thank You

I would like to personally thank Alexis Chateau for all her advice, assistance in preparing my article, and for seeing the value in my submission.

I would also like to thank every blogger and reader who took the time to view my post. For every like, comment, and re-blog, truly: thank you all.

You’re probably wondering if Ta’lor plans to submit for the April round. We’re happy to announce that she has. Her most recent submission is entitled: How to Maintain a Happy Long Distance Relationship.

The April submission period has already ended, but this contest will last all year. The May submission period will end on May 20, 2017. You can find the contest rules here.

Good luck!


About Ta’lor Pinkston | Pinkspen

Ta’lor Pinkston graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s in creative writing and a master’s in social work.

Although her passion is working with youth and families, she also enjoys using her writing to support childhood development, anti-bullying, positive relationships, equality, and the empowerment of all women.

You can find her at LADYHOOD Journey, where she writes as Pinkspen.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Pinkspen says:

    I am literally crying tears of joy! Alexis, you have no idea how much you have blessed me! I am so thankful to you for all you have done and for this article as well! It means so much to me and I could not be happier!

    If anyone is thinking about submitting to College Mate, do it! Write about your passions and how to help college students master the 4+ years they will spend on a college campus. College is not easy, but with sites and resources like College Mate, it can be a little easier to navigate through!

    Thank you all again who took the time to read my article and for the many lovely comments and discussions that I have had with fellow bloggers and readers! So thankful to you all!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. College Mate says:

      We’re glad to hear it, Ta’lor. We enjoyed working with you, and look forward to seeing more pieces from you.

      Good luck on your book as well. Let us know if you ever need our editing skills.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pinkspen says:

        You will be the first person I contact in regards to editing my book!!!! A work in progress!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. College Mate says:

        We’re glad to hear it. Good luck with the writing process! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Pinkspen says:

        Thank you so much

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Me. says:

    Bomb! You’re taking it a whole other level. PROUD OF YOOOOOU!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. College Mate says:

      We’re proud of her, too “Me”. We’re sure Ta’lor will appreciate the congrats.


  3. Pinkspen says:

    Reblogged this on LADYHOOD journey and commented:
    I still cannot believe I won the March Monthly Writing Contest for College Mate. I am so thankful to Alexis Chateau, every blogger and reader who took the time to view my article, Decoding the Bro-Code: One Night Stand or Long Term Girlfriend? It really means so much to me; words cannot express. I have connected with so many of you and it brings me joy to know that so many see the value in my article, so thank you all!!!

    Please check out the original article about my journey creating this article and my future plans as a blogger and author! 💋

    Liked by 2 people

    1. College Mate says:

      Congrats again, Ta’lor!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pinkspen says:

        Thank you so much!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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