Free Advertising on Valentine’s Day for College Mate Readers & Clients

Alexis Chateau PR

It took us ten years to finally buckle down and launch a PR agency, and the accompanying website.

Why? Because when you’re busy doing public relations work for Clients, it’s sometimes hard to remember to do the same for your brand.


Last quarter, we decided to change that. Though we love all our clients, we recognized that it was important to start focusing more on the company, and our team mates, too.

Our renewed focus paid off immediately with this site. We’ve been welcome by the blogging community with open arms, and plenty of love.

The support we’ve received while we weather political uncertainty has also been incredible. We couldn’t ask for better readers and clients!

Spreading the Love

We want to share that love, by offering you guys free advertising slots on our websites for Valentine’s Day. The ads will be placed in the header section of these sites, and run as…

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