How to Vote for your Fave Entry in the Monthly College Mate Contest

College Mate

Every month, Alexis Chateau PR hosts a mini-writing contest on College Mate. This allows readers to get published on our site and possibly make a quick buck while doing so. It’s also our sneaky way of scoping out great writers we can work with in the not-so-distant future.

Since we’ve developed strong relationships with many of our readers, the only way to keep things objective was to take the decision out of our own hands. So how did we do that? We decided to name the blog post with the best views as the winner.

In a system like that, how do you influence who wins? Or in other words, how do you “vote” for your favorite entry each month? Here are some pointers to tip the scales in their favor.

Tell Your Friends

The online generation often believe differently, but word of mouth is still a great way to gain awareness for a brand. Tell your friends at school or work, your family members, that random guy you met at the coffee shop. Encourage them to “vote” by visiting the blog post you recommended.

Visit the Page Often

In fact, you should visit it, too. Since we’re only counting page views and not unique visitors, feel free to keep returning throughout the 30-day period that we tally the views.

Even if you never re-read the blog post, that’s another tick in the writer’s box. Keep in mind that if you visit other contest entries, that’s a tick for them as well.

Share on Social Media

To get more people you don’t know to visit the page, sharing on social media is the best option. We have plenty of sharing options below the blog posts; including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

Pick the best ones or pick all of them. Don’t worry; we won’t judge you for it.

Boost on Facebook

If you’re really committed to ensuring your candidate wins, and you operate a public Facebook page, then you can’t go wrong with a boosted Facebook post. Share the blog post on the page, and then click the boosting option.

We recommend:

  1. Keeping the location settings on “Worldwide”
  2. Choosing interests and demographics that match college students.

Facebook charges a minimum of $1 per day, so that should be enough to generate some interest. We already provide each candidate with a boost on our Facebook page to give them a head-start, but every bit counts.

Re-blog on your WordPress Website

We don’t allow contestants or anyone else to duplicate content from our website. This is a no-no for our page ranking in Google, and that means the world to us! How else will amazing students and graduates like you find our page?

However, we do allow WordPress users to re-blog the post on their websites. The re-blog button is just below the regular sharing buttons.

Don’t forget to add tags and choose an appropriate category after you’ve published, as WordPress does not copy that information for you from the original post. Retarded – we know.

Like and Comment

In the rare chance that we have a tie for first place, the next thing we’ll tally are the likes and comments. So if you want your candidate to win, you should comment and like their blog post.

We will not count the comments and likes off the site, so when you re-blog, encourage your readers to head on over to say hello.

You can apply these tips to promote your own blog, if you’re truly committed to growing your audience and expanding your reach. If you want to work with consultants who can help you take your blog a step further, then check out College Mate’s Business Services page.

Good luck to all of you!


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