How to be Social in College… Without Social Media

Social media is pretty useful for keeping up with what goes on in other people’s lives – whether they’re our best friend, our ex, or the President.

We don’t even need to talk to them. A quick scroll through our feed already lets us know who’s getting married, having kids, graduating from college, or bored out of their minds on a Friday night.

But then we spend so much time browsing through each other’s lives that we totally forget to actually socialize with the people around us. Here’s how you can fix that by building an actual social life – offline.

Talk to your Classmates

When trying to get out and make new friends, your classmates are usually your best bet. These are people you will see for several hours each week for up to three months. Why not make the best of it?

The fact that you share a class and possibly a major is already an ice-breaker. And after a few weeks in class, you’re sure to find something else in common to get a conversation going.

So go ahead, take a few numbers and make plans. You just might find your new best friend.

Join Clubs & Societies

To meet people who share strong common ground with you, check out the clubs and societies at your college. There’s a club for basically everything on campus: whether you’re looking for other exchange students, activists, singers, painters or World of Warcraft players.

Sororities and fraternities also offer the opportunity to form strong bonds and friendships, while making connections that could come in handy later on in life when you need to call in a favor.

And as an added bonus for why you should join clubs and societies: they look great on your resume.

Play a Sport

If class and clubs don’t empower you enough to say hello, then consider sports. People who play sports together must do so as a team.

This provides the perfect environment for you to get to know people on amicable grounds. Even if you develop a rival in the process, there’s nothing wrong with some friendly competition.

If you’re not athletic then there are non-athletic options to consider. These include debate, chess, and even video games. You never know what your options are until you go searching.

Attend College Events

Colleges understand that school is tough, so they usually provide a few fun activities each semester to balance out the torture. Often times, these events are co-sponsored by companies that want to tap into the college market. That leaves the possibilities open for everything from laser tag to hot air balloons.

You’ll be sure to enjoy yourself, and more importantly, you’ll run into a few familiar faces. Even if you don’t connect this time around, don’t sweat it. The more familiar someone becomes to you, the more likely it is one of you will finally come to your senses and say hello!

Stay in Touch with Home Base

Making new friends in college is cool and all, but don’t forget your amazing friends from work or high school. If they live and attend school in other states, then that’s a good reason to head out on a roadtrip, or maybe they can come visit you.

If you were looking for an excuse to sneak some low-budget traveling into your college life, there you have it. Keeping in touch with family and friends also helps to ease the loneliness many of us feel when we go off to college away from home for the first time.

College is the easiest time in your life to make friends, no matter how daunting a task it seems at first. All it takes is the guts to say hello.

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  1. Norah says:

    What great advice – for everyone, whether in college or not!

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  2. morethanprepinyourstep says:

    This is some great advice that I will definitely keep in mind when I go to college next year.

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    1. That’s great. Congrats on going off to college. Drop by for more advice when you get there 🙂


  3. elizarudolf says:

    Nice post🤗🤗

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    1. Thanks Eliza! 🙂

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