4 Important Additions to Boost your Resume

The job hunt after college can be pretty tough, whether you graduate with an associate degree or a PhD. The market is competitive and many graduates will find it takes some time before they land a job in the field they hoped to make a career in, or they may find themselves pursuing another career altogether.

So, how do you ensure you stand out from the other candidates when applying for a job? Here are four additions to your resume that are sure to give it that extra boost.

1. Summa Cum Laude

Graduating with the highest honors, especially from a college with a strong reputation, says a lot about your ability to learn and retain information. It also speaks to your dedication to the field and a serious application to your craft. After all, few lazy students are likely to graduate with highest honors from any university. Upper-second class honors are also appreciated. However, anything less than that is not worth nothing.

2. Volunteering 

Like your summa cum laude, tossing your volunteer work onto your resume shows your dedication to causes you are passionate about. Not many people are willing to work for free, and the fact that you have done so shows that money isn’t the only thing which motivates you. While your employer should always compensate you fairly for your work, small businesses especially are happy to know you will work hard for what you believe in, regardless of the figures in your bank account.

3. Leadership Positions

If you are a young college graduate, few employers will show much faith in your leadership abilities, putting supervisory and managerial positions out of your reach. Prove them wrong by including the leadership positions you have held while in school. This could include leadership positions in seminars or clubs related to your professional field of choice.

4. Extracurricular Activities

When you first went off to college, maybe you envisioned a life of classes and homework. What you found in addition to this was the freedom to socialize, meet new people, and bond over the most unlikely things. The same is true of work.

If you and every candidate in the room has first class honors, has volunteered, and held leadership positions, but you and the boss can bond over football, golf, a sorority, or chess, you just found your way into the organization.

Just be careful not to give the impression that your extracurricular activities and hobbies will take over your life. The boss needs your head in the game at work, not ESPN.

Landing a new job after college is a lot tougher than most people know when they first embark on this journey. With these four additions, however, you will make your chances of landing a job a whole lot easier. And, if you still need help putting that resume together, check out our resume writing services and shoot us an email. All the best with your job hunt!


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4 Alexis Chateau PR Atlanta GA

Alexis Chateau is the Founder of College Mate and Managing Director at Alexis Chateau PR. She is an activist, writer, and explorer. Follow her stories of trial and triumph at www.alexischateau.com.

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  1. These are good ideas! I felt like my resume needed a little something else but didn’t know what. I just graduated in May with a degree in English but I really want to enter the library field… so I am biding my time looking for a position. These are all helpful to give my resume an edge, thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you found them useful, Kourtney. A library would be a haven for an English major. All the best on the job hunt!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mohita Verma says:

    This is a really informative article. As a college student, I’m constantly looking for ways through which I can contribute to my community through volunteering. What I haven’t got are leadership positions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mohita! I’m glad you found these helpful! Have you considered pursuing any leadership positions through extra-curricula activities at school? That’s where I started out. You could also considering creating your own leadership position by suggesting a project you could lead for a club at school or while volunteering.

      All the best! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Naeem Malik says:

    I’m a college student and you cleared lots of my doubts.
    This post was really helpful.
    Thank you 😊.


    1. I’m glad you found this helpful, Naeem! Feel free to check out the other posts on the blog about finding a job after college. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing our post!


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