How to Prepare for a Snowpocalypse

Stay warm, guys! Alexis Chateau The weather reports are in and the snow is coming down. The Starks were right: Winter is coming…andAtlanta is about to suffer the consequences southern style. Ask anyone about the havoc snow wreaks in the south, and you’ll hear some of the most horrifically amusing stories: from befriending truckers toContinue reading “How to Prepare for a Snowpocalypse”

Halloween as a Twenty-Something

Originally posted on Not Another Millennial Blog:
I struggled with this article when it was first assigned. Writing about Halloween as an “adult” just didn’t feel right. When I think of an “adult” Halloween, I think of parents taking their kids trick-or-treating, or a grandmother handing out caramel flavored hard candy while watching Jeopardy. I’m…