5 Must-See Attractions in Vegas

5 Must-See Attractions in Vegas

We had a blast hanging out with our Junior Editor in Vegas.

Alexis Chateau PR

In late November of 2016, we struck a partnership deal with an indie travel service. We then kicked off 2017 by preparing for the launch of our very own in-house travel agency.

We then scheduled beta testing of our travel services for January 28, 2017. On January 27, 2017, the first travel ban was signed into effect. By February, a second had followed. These events compelled us to postpone all travel-related plans at the firm.

However, after closely monitoring the sociopolitical landscape for two months, we decided to resume beta testing of our domestic travel services.

For our flagship test trip, we sent Founder & Managing Director, Alexis Chateau, to Vegas for a 5-day trip. She later returned with a full report on the must-see attractions in Las Vegas. Here are our top five from that list.


Las Vegas is a pricey city, but you can keep travel costs low if you know…

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Hiking Cowles Mountain And Pyles Peak

Hiking Cowles Mountain And Pyles Peak

Trail to Peak

At 1,592ft, Cowles Mountain is the highest peak in the city of San Diego. The hike to the summit of Cowles is possibly the most popular hiking route in all of San Diego County, which makes an early start a requirement for weekend outings. Hiking to the nearby Pyles Peak is far less popular, and the perfect addition to a hike up Cowles.

Hiking Cowles Mountain And Pyles Peak In Mission Trails Regional Park

Directions And GPS Tracks:

Hiking Cowles Mountain And Pyles Peak In Mission Trails Regional Park Street Parking

Key Points:

  • Distance: 6 miles (3 miles if only hiking to Cowles Mountain)
  • Elevation Gain: 1854 ft
  • Minimum Elevation: 668 ft
  • Maximum Elevation: 1592 ft
  • Time: 2-4 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Dog Friendly: Yes, on leash
  • Permit Required:

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20 Things I Learned My Freshman Year

20 Things I Learned My Freshman Year

Here are 20 useful tips for freshmen, as told by a college student who already survived her first year of college.

hello tumbaga

1. Take advantage of the free food around campus. There have been many of times where I would go to an event on campus and they would offer free food. This would be great, especially when I start to run out of money on my meal plan.

2. If you haven’t been away from home for months at a time, you will get home sick. Or maybe you’re tough and won’t. But if you do, more than likely, you’re not the only one and that’s okay. Eventually, you’ll adjust. It just takes time.

3. Amazon Prime for Students – it’s a thing, and it’s free for the first 6-months (don’t forget to cancel if you don’t want to continue after the 6-months). You will get FREE two-day shipping (perfect for purchasing and renting books or random things for your room), access to thousands of TV shows and movies, and unlimited…

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The Ultimate Guide to Packing for College

The Ultimate Guide to Packing for College

A detailed guide to packing for your first year off at college!

madison milhous

Ah, packing for your first year of college. I remember it like it was exactly one year ago. You’re off to live on your own for the first time, so obviously you need to be prepared for EVERYTHING, right? Maybe, but it is definitely easy to overpack.

So, using my extensive knowledge of packing for college, I’ve come up with the only list you will need to follow for packing for the start of the rest of your life. (Excluding some of the more obvious things like your phone, laptop, money, backpack… but I just said them there so nvm.)

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Carnival Ecstasy | Freeport & Nassau

Carnival Ecstasy | Freeport & Nassau

College is a great time for traveling – as is right after you graduate, before work takes over your life. Check out this college graduate’s awesome vacation post from her cruise in the Caribbean.

Hannah Miller Fitness Blog

Below are some captured moments from my recent 5 day cruise on Carnival Ecstasy, which visited Freeport and Nassau in the Bahamas. It was a fantastic time! Filled with lots of sun, gorgeous sites, Pina Coladas and Bahama Mama’s, and unforgettable memories.

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