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We syndicate the College Mate blog to the Flipboard magazine platform. It’s fairly new and we’re still learning, but if you’re interested in having your article added, please send an email to

Keep in mind that we do not currently charge for this service and only wish to assist more college writers with gaining exposure through that platform.


  1. TONE: A conversational tone between colleagues – not to be confused with the conversational tone one would use with friends.
    1. Headers to organize information into blocks of knowledge, or a series of events.
    2. Smaller paragraphs to break text into more easily digestible chunks.
  3. WRITING STYLE: Articles are either a prose/story, or advice – never both.
    1. Here is an example of prose or college stories: Homeless in College
    2. Here is an example of an article written for the purpose of giving advice: 5 Reasons you Shouldn’t Drop out of College
  4. TYPOS: We all make them, but once we spot them, we don’t post them until they’re fixed.


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