Ask anyone who’s ever had to put a portfolio together before, and they will tell you:

It’s one of the most time-consuming projects you’ll ever work on.

Some will tell you putting their portfolio together took longer than some of the projects in the portfolio. So why is it so hard? The answer to that is easy. There are a lot of designs available for portfolios; and it can be difficult to decide what projects to include, and what aspects of it.

Another pressing question some job candidates have is whether or not they even need a portfolio. If you work in the creative field the answer is always yes – whether that’s writing, painting, architecture, fashion, web-design or photography. However, many other professional types may also require portfolios from time to time.

We help to free your hands for work by building the portfolio for you. There is usually no telling how long this will take, so we charge by the hour. The more information you have at the ready, and the shorter the portfolio, the less time we spend on it.


  • $12 per hour to create or edit a portfolio in PDF form
  • $15 per hour to create or edit a portfolio online

Here is a PDF sample created for and by our parent company, Alexis Chateau PR. We recommend portfolio lengths ranging from 10 to 20 pages for individuals, but longer for companies.