In college, your ability to express yourself eloquently on paper is often the difference between an A and a pass. Unfortunately, not every brilliant student also possesses that special way with words that wow professors into slapping an A on their paper.

We’re here to help.

We edit assignments to check for proper formatting, spelling, and grammar. If you are not a native speaker, we also help to ensure this does not reflect in your paper, and that the final product reflects exactly what you mean to say.


For Native Speakers

  • $4 per 500 words up to 2000 words
  • After 2000 words, $3.50 per 500 words

For Non-Native Speakers

  • $4.50 per 500 words up to 2000 words
  • After 200 words, $4 per 500 words

Please note that we are not a paper mill and do not write papers for students. We only edit completed assignments, speeches, and entrance essays.