What College Grads Should Do to Get Ahead in the Job Market

As college graduates, when we finally start the job hunting process, we all have the same complaint: everyone wants candidates with way more experience than we have! Academic credentials are just not enough; not even first class honors guarantee a fair shot at your dream job. So how do you land that dream job? — or atContinue reading “What College Grads Should Do to Get Ahead in the Job Market”

Get Re-Blogged By Us

We recently began highlighting some of the amazing posts you guys write on college life by re-blogging them to our audience. Nine times out of ten, these posts do much better on our website than they did in their original location. So how do we choose what to re-blog? Pitch Us To pitch a re-blog toContinue reading “Get Re-Blogged By Us”

Submit a Guest Post

We now get a lot of pitches weekly, and welcome them all. However, the guidelines below streamline the process, to ensure we get only one email per pitch, with all the information we need. As a result, as of November 1, 2017 pitches that do not follow the guidelines will be DELETED. Please do notContinue reading “Submit a Guest Post”